Song Baoan, Elected as the Committee Member of the 7th Science and Technology Committee of the MOE


Updatetime: 2016-04-11

At present, anannouncement about holding the election session of the seventh committee officewas given by the Science and Technology Department of the Education Ministry,in which members of the seventh Science and Technology Committee of theEducation Ministry was unveiled, and our Vice President Song Baoan was elected.

Accordingto the statute, the Science and Technology Committee of the Education Ministry,as a high-level consultative agency for the Education Ministry to guide highschools on works of science and technology, which is the think tank of ournation and Education Ministry, serves high schools, Science and Researchinstitutions and the Science and Technology works of society.

The committee is mainly composed of expertswith firm political stand, quality academic ability, precise studying attitude,just work style, broad vision and participating in activities of Science andTechnology positively recruited from high school by Education Ministry as wellas some experts recruited from overseas, other departments and industries. Therange of one term is 4 years, and one can serve no more than two terms inprinciple. The number of the new committee members in every term is no lessthan 2/1 of its whole number. Principally the age of its members is no morethan 60 years old. Ages of Chinese Academy of Science and Engineering is up to75 years old and the committee members of the Strategy and Research instructioncommittee are not limited by ages. The number of  committee members of the Science andTechnology Committee is around 100.

Edited byZhao Mengjiao, Shen Lin