Liberal Arts Humanities Construction Work was launched in Guizhou University(英日版)


OnApril. 15th afternoon, Guizhou University Liberal Arts Humanities ConstructionOpening Ceremony was held in academic hall of administration building in northcampus. School leaders such as Chenjian, Zhenqiang and FengXiaolun—formerexecutive vice president attended the opening ceremony. Vice president SongBaoan presided over it.

Vicepresident Song Baoan read out "The Notice About the Selection Result ofliberal Arts Construction Humanities and Experts". In order to betterstrengthen the construction of Social Sciences and compensate the shortage ofsubject construction in our school, by a series of process of voluntaryapplication, expert evaluation, president office meeting and the partycommittee meeting in the school, Economics and Management in Agriculture andForestry, Public Management, Philosophy and Management Scientific andEngineering were selected as the first key construction humanities, ethnologywas selected as nurturing humanities. Tao Yusu and other three people wereselected as chief experts of key construction humanitiesand Liufeng was selected as chief expert of nurturing humanities.

ProfessorChenjian, Secretary of the CPC committee of Guizhou University delivered theplaque to key construction humanities and nurturing humanities and awarded theappointment letters to five chief experts.

The chiefexpert of Public Management humanities Wang Zhilin advocated that the expertsand academic leaders of all humanities and young students of innovative talentsshould shoulder the responsibility, have ambition and a bottom line, be highlycultivated and have realm, closely encircle the object of constructing highstandard university with distinctive features in top level and construct thehumanities with Guizhou University’s characteristic.

Edited by:  Li Ruxian, Shen Lin