The Promotional Campaign for World Reading Day【英日版】


To advocate wide reading for our schoolstudents and improve their cultural quality, at noon on April 22nd, the School YoungVolunteers Association held the promotional campaign on “ Reading Serves forLife” as the theme of the World Reading Day in Chong Yi Building in westcampus, the door of Eastern dining hall, and Zhong Shan dining hall in northcampus.

This campaign was divided into fourlinks, including Mind Quiz, Book Sharing Meeting, Book Crossing and Writing a WishList. During the Book Sharing Meeting, the students could share one sentencewhich had the biggest influence on them to other students. A student wrote onesentence appeared in Norwegian Wood. That was, “No one likes to bealone, just doesn't like to make friends indiscriminately, which will only makeoneself disappointed.” In the link of Writing a Wish List, the students whoparticipated in the campaign could write a letter, then the host would send theletter to people whom they wanted to send.

Xie Jin, the head of this campaign, saidthat the promotional campaign for World Reading Day aimed at letting our schoolstudents enjoy the interesting of reading, respect and thank those masters whomade great contribution to human civilization in the fields of Literature,Culture, Science and Thought.

Wang Yunyi, winning the ultimate prizeof the Mind Quiz, said that: most of people have paid more attention to otherforms of entertainment nowadays. But I hope most of people can love reading.Because reading books not only can relax the mood, but also can increase ourknowledge.

EditedBy Zhang JingweiShen Lin



貴州大学ニュースウェブサイト電(記者団 李西蘭 報道/撮影 何小紅)  我が校の学生が広く読むことを提唱し、自分自身の文化素質を高めるために、422日昼ごろ、校青年ボランティア協会は西キャンパスの崇義ビル、東キャンパスの食堂の入口及び北キャンパスの中山園、と3つの場所で「読書人は一番遠い所に来られる」を主題として世界読書デーを宣伝する。