An Informal Discussion with Alumni in Beijing of GZU【英日版】


On the afternoon of April 19,Chen Jian, the Party Secretary of GZU went to Peking Huatu Education Groupto visit alumni who work in Peking and had an informal discussion with them, accompaniedby directors of Party Committee Office in GZU,the International ExchangeDepartment and College of Material and Metallurgy.

During the discussion, YuHongze, liaison director of GZU alumni association in Peking, reported furtherthought of alumni work. He said, alumni work should fully play alumni’sspecialty, innovate the way of activity and organize thematic activities basedon alumni’s interest,so as to make Peking alumni liaison office become acontact point for Peking alumni even all alumni of GZU and provide good serviceto alumni. Besides, Yi Jigang, the former head of Peking alumni liaisonoffice,reported progress of alumni activities, and difficulties in liaisonoffice.Liu Zhijun,the division chief of the International Exchange Departmentin GZU reported working situation of alumni assosiation over the past year,introduced future work ideas and plans of alumni association,andput forward suggestions about Peking alumni liaison office.

Chen Jian fully affirmedthe work of Peking alumni liaison office.He said alumni is a very significantresource and treasure for university,it is also the main relying force forconstruction and development of school.GZU always concern about the developmentof alumni. Moreover,he introduced the achievements and changes in GZU over thepast year.He mentioned that GZU couldn’t make these achievements without thesupport of alumni. GZU will further strengthen inner construction and enhancecomprehensive schooling capability and social influence,so as to serve thedevelopment of economy and society in Guizhou.Chen Jian hoped that alumni canoffer advices and suggestions to actively support the construction anddevelopment of GZU.

【Edited by: Ren Ye, ShenLin】


       貴州大学ニュース 4月19日午後、わが校党委員会の陳堅書記は校友たちの働いている北京華図教育集団においで、校友たちを見舞った。そして、座談を行った。わが校党委員会事務室、対外合作所および材料と冶金学院の担当者も随行していた。