10th Anniversary Gala of Minority Cultural Council’s Foundation Successfully Held【英日版】


On Apr. 23th night, the 10thanniversary gala of Minority Cultural Council’s foundation in GuizhouUniversity was held successfully in the moot court of North Campus. The membersof the Council and the representatives of every students’ association attendedthe gala.

The gala began with the openingaddress of the originator, Kang Yufei. She retrospected the development historyof the Council and donated 500 yuan as the activity fees. The current presidentYang Xuemei said, “ the Council was founded in 2006, which is a energeticorganization. It mainly focus on exploring the customs of 17 minorities inGuizhou and the mysterious characters of Shui nationality.”

The gala consisted of foursections, in total 16 programs, which mainly includes the dances and languageprograms featured with minority folk-custom, for example, heroic Mongoliadance,North Korea dance, soft ancient dance and delightful Miaosong.

In the program Sound of Leaf,the performer wearing ethnic minority costume sued the leaf to sing. His adeptskills won the applause of all the audiences. In the short sketch Legend ofFemale Kingdoms, the performance of David, a foreign student ofInternational Education College student, also made a profound impression.

The gala ends in a satisfactoryway with the chorus Ten Years.

【Edited by: Fu Hui,Shen Lin】


       貴州大学インタネットニュース(記者団 李宛桐 撮影報道)4月23日の夜、わが校の「探索·風習」という少数民族文化協会(以下は少協といわれる)の十周年夜会が北校区模擬法廷で行われた。協会のメンバーと各サークルの代表は夜会に出席した。