Director of East China Jiaotong University Affairs Committee Wan Ming visited GZU【英日版】


       On May 18, accompanied by the viceDirector of University Affairs Committee Yang Weimin, Chen Jian, the Directorof University Affairs Committee, met with the Director of East China JiaotongUniversity Affairs Committee Wan Ming and his delegation in Cultural Academy.Party Committee Office, Foreign Cooperation Department, Personnel Departmentand other relevant departments responsible person attended the meeting.

       Chen Jian extended hiswarm welcome to Wan Ming and his delegation first. He said: “GZU isthe only 211 Project key University in Guizhou province.” with over one hundredyears history and a wide range of disciplines, GZU has made apositive contribution for the local economic construction of Guizhou Province.GZU has always been warm and hospitable and welcome the fraternal colleges toshare the ideas and support the development of GZU.  

       After that, the both sides conducted a comprehensivethorough exchange and discussion on the idea of School Management, thedevelopment of the School, the training of talents, the construction of characteristicdiscipline,the construction of serving local economic, and other aspects.

       Wan Ming thanked to the GZU for its warmreception. He hoped that the both sides could share a great deal ofinformation and further deepen the exchange and cooperation with each other.

       Prior tothe meeting, Wan Ming and his delegation had visited our Cultural Academy, HistoryMuseum of GZU, and West Campus.

【Editedby:Zhang Jingwei,Shen Lin】


       貴州大学ニュース(記者岳瑩) 5月18日、我が校党委員会陳堅書記は文化書院で華東交通大学党委員会万明書記ご一行の来訪を歓迎し、我が校党委員会楊偉明副書記も同行した。党委員会事務室、対外事務協力室、人事課など関連部門の担当者も座談に出席した。





【編集:易 永潔】